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Get television entertainment packages installed in your business with no set-top boxes, High-definition, customized channels and more.

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  • Restaurants
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Pick your channels and save money

It’s tough when customers are waiting for a repair or service, so why not show them TV programming to keep them entertained?  UNITED CABLE DIRECT makes it easy!  We supply a turn-key solution with options that are cost-effective, reliable  and include the channels your customers want to watch. Plus, you giving you more control, so you pick only the channels you want. 

Low Cost


Grows with you

Easy to use

Rest assured UNITED CABLE DIRECT has the expertise to handle the most complex installations and most importantly, at a price you can afford.

A fit for every business

All the benefits without the high cost and complexity.  After all, it’s just TV!  

Customized entertainment packages for any size of business...if you 1 or 100+ TVs

You can select from hundreds of top rated local and national news, sports, movies and entertainment channels.  Plus, we have plans where choose your own package, so you only pay for channels you customers actually watch.

  • No out-of-pocket expenses to upgrade
  • Only show the channels you customers want
  • Custom channel line-ups for your business

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north kansa city hospital
garden city community college
royal coachman
rodeway inn

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