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Get television entertainment packages installed on your property with no set-top boxes, High-definition options, Pro:idiom options, customized channels and more.

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With United Cable Direct’s entertainment solutions for RV Parks and Campgrounds, you can be able to provide your campers with the most efficient, high quality television service to help them feel right a home.  We only deliver the highest quality entertainment services and know it is critical to ensure a quality camper experience.  

Rest assured UNITED CABLE DIRECT has the expertise to handle the most complex installations, plus we ensure that your guests will receive the most advance and robust television service and amenities they’ve come to expect.  And, most importantly, at a price you can afford.


Low Cost


Grows with you

Easy to use

A fit for every business

All the benefits without the high cost and complexity.  After all, it’s just TV!  

Your camper will feel right at home

You can select from hundreds of top rated local and national news, sports, movies and entertainment channels.  Plus, the channels you subscribe can be available in gym, laundry and other guest areas of your property.

  • Up to 96 channels on a single system
  • Custom channel line-ups for your property
  • Personalized TV Plans
  • No set-top boxes or confusing rack systems

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